My mother still believes that if it's on the news then it must be the truth.  I had to inform her that it, unfortunately isn't necessarily so...
I wrote this blog back on January 22, 2009.  It's unfortunate to see, as the media outlets continue their meltdown, that  certain networks -- you know who you are -- continue to use the airwaves to disburse lies and innuendo, without a thought to ethics or consideration of the general public. I decided the write was worth repeating...

An Open Letter to CNN, MSNBC, and all those in Media,
We are in the second full day of the Presidency of our newly sworn in Leader,  President Barack Obama.  He has, more than once committed himself, and those who serve on his team to swift movement and action in their efforts to provide a transparent view of the decisions made by this administration.  In his eloquent inaugural address he also encouraged all of us to take individual responsibility, during this critical time of economic upheaval and global distress with two existing wars we are participating, as well as the developing crises between other countries.  From where I sit, as a citizen he also asked us, essentially, to grow up.
So I am baffled.  What part of responsibility, change we can believe in and acting with maturity do you as journalists, or at least who represent what should be journalist do you intend to own?  From Anderson Cooper of CNN, who I had in the past, held in high esteem, to the nameless females pouting on MSNBC Live, who seemed interested in creating controversy where there is none, since that is how one gains visibility and opportunity in the news industry nowadays. I am stunned by both the attitude and general lack of respect I have seen displayed toward this new administration. The rants of faux journalist O'Reilly over the important issue of private jet plane traffic at Dulles Airport during the Inauguration weekend was absolutely surreal, as he babbled on about a rumor that celebrities held up air traffic and about the people who didn't get in to the inauguration because there was no more room to get in-- as though there was some sort of conspiracy. The ongoing rants and pouting because you believe there should be more information than you are receiving and you want access and you want it now have become absurd.
Take a moment to realize a couple of key things:
Transparency means that the information will ultimately be made available at the appropriate time, it does not mean that the media has full real-time access.  You have apparently misunderstood this administration: because this does not mean that the White House is now a reality show and you are the primary participants.  I will quote one of my fellow bloggers who stated this point perfectly: Whenever Obama issues directions, the press takes those directions to the extreme. Open government doesn't mean Reality Show government. We want moderation. We want a permanent audit trail that we can follow to determine when, how, and why our representatives made their decisions. We want a willingness to answer questions in a timely and honest manner so that U.S. citizens can make informed decisions. That's open government.
On behalf of the thinking community that makes up the majority of the American citizenry, who are also your clients, as viewers of the programs you offer on your networks, readers of the publications you write on paper or online, listeners to the radio networks, from local to satellite networks, gather yourselves and grow up.
We want responsible journalism that is fact based, not an ego trip on your personal point of view.  If you are wondering why your ratings are dropping, why your circulation is falling away, perhaps this gives you a clue. The public is not interested in the verbal  micro-managing and armchair quarterbacking  by the media and it is becoming increasingly annoying. Transparency means that the information will ultimately be made available, it does not mean that the media has full real-time access.
Secondly, I think there needs to be a reminder of what journalism is, In the context of news broadcasting, journalism is the occupation of reporting, writing, editing, photographing, or broadcasting news or of conducting any news organization as a business. In other words, a conduit of facts based upon acquisition of substantiated truth and researched information. Singular points of view and opinion are saved and identified for the appropriate venue of discussion.  What used to be a privilege -- to be a journalist -- that was provided to a person who has proven his or her ability to deliver an unbiased reporting of the facts in a way that the reader, listener or viewer could rely on as a credible source.  Today it seems that reputations in the news business are being built and rewarded based upon visibility by controversy or access to the mike based upon camera appeal.  It is time that the entire industry takes a page from the new administration and begin to do some introspection and determine how you need to make some significant changes.  While there are certain newscasters who I genuinely believe are true journalists, there are many of you, as well as your producers, who need to reassess how you choose to do your jobs.  I have had enough of the bias and the bull for which no one seems to be holding your feet to the fire. I do not need you to tell me how I should think or feel about the facts that you provide. So here it is: We are looking for and will be going where responsible journalism is offered.  If it is not through you, we will go elsewhere.  You want your ratings?  We want authentic journalism, it's as simple as that.  Grow up. Become responsible.  Not sexy, not controversial, but it is what you should have been doing all along.