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For All Fathers of Daughters

Posted by E. Joyce on Sunday, June 20, 2010,

If there were time
To gather all fathers
To sing to their daughters
To sing to their daughters
If there was time.
Not of cats in the cradle
Silver spoons.
But instead how they love them
And would
give them the moon
If they could.
If there were time.
They’d show them a real man
Who knows what love is
From a man to his woman
From a child to his father
A father to his daughter…
If there was time.
She’d learn how to teach
A man how to treat her.
She’d know by example
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Posted by E. Joyce on Sunday, June 20, 2010,
The reflection is a truth
undeniably clear
His eyes light up
when you walk into the room.
There is a sleepy smile for you
when she wakes to another day.
She can't wait to tell you what her opinions are
He looks forward to telling you what his day turned out to be.
Snuggling with you on the couch is an option oft used.
And she feels safe telling you everything
trusting that you have her heart/even when you don't agree.
He knows that he can risk failure while trying new things
because you hav...
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E. Joyce Moore Author, writer, producer, poet

Writer, Author, Producer, Arts Advocate and Activist

E. Joyce Moore E. Joyce Moore, writer, poet, author of Gettin' to the Good Wood, Ramblings Through the Attic of Thought, I Like Brown, Princess Jahzzara, and is currently penning two other books: 'SHIPS (non-fiction) and Pretty (fiction). Joyce has contributed to numerous books and writing projects, including MoAD Stories Project, MoAD Stories Project: I've Known Rivers, What is the Purpose of a Banana? by Dr. Carlton Green, Chicken Soup for The African American Soul, Gumbo for the Soul, and more. Joyce is a member of the Chicago Film Producers Alliance, the founder of Alliance of African American Artists, and is an active fine arts advocate, curator and activist. Her book, Ramblings Through the Attic of Thought, was named 2009 Poetry Book of the Year and she was named Poet of the Year by S(RMAG an online magazine.
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