The reflection is a truth
undeniably clear
His eyes light up
when you walk into the room.
There is a sleepy smile for you
when she wakes to another day.
She can't wait to tell you what her opinions are
He looks forward to telling you what his day turned out to be.
Snuggling with you on the couch is an option oft used.
And she feels safe telling you everything
trusting that you have her heart/even when you don't agree.
He knows that he can risk failure while trying new things
because you have his back, and will not be disappointed.
you give her courage to define herself
you give him freedom to know how to choose
A true love affair
Where the only perfection you expect is that she is perfectly happy and
the only way he can please you is to learn how to be pleased with himself.
The ultimate love affair
only a child can understand/only a parent has the power to give.
So that every look into your eyes
Love’s truth resonates as no surprise
For they become the reflection in the mirror of your parenthood.
Do you see yourself?

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads and Fathers, as well as those who stepped up to the challenge without the benefit of the well-deserved title. And to all Single Mothers who have to fill in that role.