I said it before when Palin was put on the national stage, this is a woman who was enabled in her delusions. She pieced together an undergrad degree, was second in a beauty pageant and she, like several Palin-esque women I worked with in corporate, moved into positions she wasn't qualified to be in, yet always managed to make excuses for the lack of experience or knowledge,  with a toss of the hair, engaging smile and a persona that attracts both men and women. Listened to a radio conversation in Wasilla, 2008, when there was a controversy about work the then-governor had not done so the needed report was not completed and the deadline passed. She was on the air, giggling and flirting with the on-air personalities, making fun of the woman who called her on her failings. Palin was "the victim" and the on-air personalities where her "heroes". Told me everything about her I wanted to know.  How do people in Alaska feel about Sarah? Is there still a love fest up North? Not so much.  There is an independent blogger in Alaska who oft spoke of who Sarah really was -- at least as far as Alaska was concerned.

Palin's book's purported success as a bestseller is really nothing more than an oft-used publisher's trick -- for those who don't know how it works, Newsmax bought cases of her book wholesale or at cost, to give away and/or sell with a three month subscription of the Newsmax, a conservative publication. These books are counted as individual sales by the publisher, so the public perceives a huge demand for the book.  By the way, Newsmax, apparently wasn't getting enough takers, so they switched the offering to buy a subscription, get Palin's book for free.  The reality is that most bookstores only ordered an average of eight copies, unless she was scheduled to show up for a book signing.  The greater reality is that most retailers ended up selling the book below cost.

As other bloggers complained about her speech for McCain, in a voice that was fingernails on a blackboard, I could not help but think how much she has always reminded me of the woman in a small southern town, who would target some unsuspecting black guy on the street and tell someone that he looked at her the wrong way and instigate yet another "picnic."

Palin's like a child whose parents keep telling her she can sing. No matter how many judges tell her she can't, she thinks they're just jealous and keeps singing. UN delegates laughed at Palin. She put the town she mayored $22M into the red. Her chief accomplishments in the last year are quitting her only term as governor, signing a book she didn't write, bad mouthing the man she is now rallying for. Republicans could have selected a fully competent woman as a VP candidate. They chose Palin. Anyone ever analyze why?  And the bigger question: Why on earth would anyone consider her remotely qualified to run for President?  If President Obama -- or any other candidate from either side of the aisle, for that matter -- came to the political table with the same resume Palin has accrued, would anyone in their right mind even consider hiring her with their votes?

Most of us really want her to just. go. away. Really.  We can't fire her, she already quit.