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Are You All In? ...Or On the Sidelines?

Posted by E. Joyce on Wednesday, September 28, 2011, In : News and Politics 
This will be an interestin­g election period. Most of us still can't discern one group from another, given that we suddenly have so many to choose from. So a moment of enlightenm­ent to define who some of the players are. Do you know what and who the "Professio­nal Left" is? The term “professio­nal left” denotes a growing industry that specialize­s in converting other people’s money into an ideologica­l product, while making a good living out of it in the process. They are ...
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Cartoon from 2008 by John Moore

Posted by E. Joyce on Wednesday, June 15, 2011, In : News and Politics 

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We can believe in change if we are a part of it...

Posted by E. Joyce on Wednesday, September 8, 2010,
Got into and out of a fairly useless conversation, where folks were criticizing the President from the sidelines.
People can sit and armchair quarterback President Obama forever, yet never have a clue to the complexity and difficulty of the job, further exacerbated by the color of his skin.  Where were all you folks and your opinions eight years prior? Because I don't recall seeing any of you expressing them.  This President has been in office under two years trying to redirect the nation to s...

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Sarah Palin, You're Fired! Uh wait...she quit.

Posted by E. Joyce on Monday, March 29, 2010, In : News and Politics 
I said it before when Palin was put on the national stage, this is a woman who was enabled in her delusions. She pieced together an undergrad degree, was second in a beauty pageant and she, like several Palin-esque women I worked with in corporate, moved into positions she wasn't qualified to be in, yet always managed to make excuses for the lack of experience or knowledge,  with a toss of the hair, engaging smile and a persona that attracts both men and women. Listened to a radio...
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Carter, Racism and the Republican Strategy

Posted by E. Joyce on Thursday, September 17, 2009, In : News and Politics 
Jimmy Carter, a southerner and a former President, shared an observation last night that reverberates through the media, parties and around the watercoolers today. He observed some of the behaviors at these public outings and town halls, as well as the infamous and inappropriate "You Lie" from Wilson --a congressman who knew better, and even his wife wanted to know "What nut yelled 'You Lie' in the middle of the President's speech?" -- were based in racism toward the President. And he's right...
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The President's Speech: What Were/Are They Afraid Of?

Posted by E. Joyce on Saturday, September 5, 2009,

There are actual strategies behind all the artificially-inseminated nonsense concerning the President’s speech to school children.  We need to pay close attention to what’s really going on behind the curtain and understand just how desperate the GOP has become.  So desperate that they are willing to use children, their own, yours and mine, in their continued effort to derail President Obama at all costs.

So you don't want the President to tell your kids to stay in school, study hard, bec...

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State of the Union X

Posted by E. Joyce on Wednesday, August 12, 2009,


When your rhetoric
Turns into acts of true change
Then I will hear you.

In a place
In a space
Where I/you/we are
Where dreams are fading/ero
As the ticker tape parade on Wall Street falls
Into the economic abyss.
With a cunning thief's kiss
But we never asked what's amiss.
While we waited for the trickle to fall down on us.
'We hold as the arbiters of truth, those who have lied to us the most"

New Chief in town.
And to their dismay, his skin is brown.
Time for ch...

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E. Joyce Moore Author, writer, producer, poet

Writer, Author, Producer, Arts Advocate and Activist

E. Joyce Moore E. Joyce Moore, writer, poet, author of Gettin' to the Good Wood, Ramblings Through the Attic of Thought, I Like Brown, Princess Jahzzara, and is currently penning two other books: 'SHIPS (non-fiction) and Pretty (fiction). Joyce has contributed to numerous books and writing projects, including MoAD Stories Project, MoAD Stories Project: I've Known Rivers, What is the Purpose of a Banana? by Dr. Carlton Green, Chicken Soup for The African American Soul, Gumbo for the Soul, and more. Joyce is a member of the Chicago Film Producers Alliance, the founder of Alliance of African American Artists, and is an active fine arts advocate, curator and activist. Her book, Ramblings Through the Attic of Thought, was named 2009 Poetry Book of the Year and she was named Poet of the Year by S(RMAG an online magazine.
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