There are actual strategies behind all the artificially-inseminated nonsense concerning the President’s speech to school children.  We need to pay close attention to what’s really going on behind the curtain and understand just how desperate the GOP has become.  So desperate that they are willing to use children, their own, yours and mine, in their continued effort to derail President Obama at all costs.

So you don't want the President to tell your kids to stay in school, study hard, become something, reach for your dreams and, oh yeah, realize that they have access to the President of the United States. Those of you who have hopped on this train of mass hysteria have proven how easily you can be manipulated and are determined to do so without even knowing why. Kind of like getting in the longest line simply because you see other people doing it and not even knowing why you are there. I challenge any of you who bought into these notions to tell me, without looking it up, exactly who Hitler was, to define what fascism is, what communism is and tell me what socialism is and how it works. No cheating now.

What the Republican Party is really worried about: Today, for the first time in history, the public schools are filled with students who see that the possibility of a young girl or boy who lives in even the worst of situations, can aspire to become a judge, a lawyer, and yes, the President of the United States. Consciously or not, public schools have been maintained as more of a warehousing than a learning environment for middle class to poverty level students, with some managing to acquire an education by literally challenging, even fighting the school's administration to get it. No Child Left Behind was a joke, with an average 43% of minority students dropping out of high school by sophomore year and not coming back. Now we have a President who looks like them, who they like, so maybe he or she will listen, really consider putting more effort into learning and lo and behold they make a B instead of a D on the exam. Maybe they learn to ask for help, instead of being intimidated by the notion that asking for help makes one dumb or weak. What they fear is that more children will discover they aren't learning disabled, but are smart and can achieve. Imagine the world with more little Michelles and Baracks, fewer stereotypical failures and dropouts. Their greatest fear realized.

One more thing; and please hear me out on this.  Two of my greatest strengths in corporate was the ability to see the whole picture and to effectively strategize and come up with solutions.  I think that the Republican party has this strategy:  Most of the country looked at the candidates and picked the man they felt would be most likely to succeed, even though he is a man of color and African American descent.  We live in a country where the perception of black men is not a positive one so from a psychological point of view.  This, for many, was a huge risk. In spite of the reality that the President has only been in office for months -- not years, people --  and as quiet as it's kept, expected and expect all problems to be solved overnight.  It's what I call the McDonalds' mentality.

The Republicans used Church and family as a marketing ploy to get people to vote for Bush -- and yes it worked, even though it wasn't an actual truth.(Democrats and Independents are just as religious, have as many family values.)  People decided that if you believed in God and had family values, then you had to vote Republican.  Fast forward to the present.  They did not anticipate intelligence to factor into the political equation.  What to do?  People don't like chaos.  They don't like arguments.  They want peace and quiet.  So why not keep contention and strife on the front burner?  Why not use the media to continually pound on the psyche of the average American, who already has enough stress just trying to survive?  Make the loyalty and patience with the Obama administration so untenable, so exhausting that people are willing to finally yell "Uncle"... willing to let things go back to the way it was because change is just too hard.  If you think that this is too far out, consider biblical history.  The Israelites were perishing in slavery, yet were willing to go right back into it because the road of unknowns, the road to change, was too daunting, too hard.

For all of the hysterical folks who are continuing to regurgitate your labels hoping they will stick: The President is not Hitler, he is not a communist, he is not a fascist, not a socialist and he is not an alien -- from another country or outer space. Again, you cannot tell me, without looking it up, what any of those labels mean or how they even remotely apply. But you folks do have a history, indeed you do, and you are attempting to repeat it, but you will fail. You have no "our America" to take back, because the United States of America is as much yours and mine as it always was.

Those who are against real change -- along with those who cannot tolerate change being orchestrated by a President of color and African descent -- know that if one keeps saying the same thing over and over, a percentage of the population will ultimately believe it as some level of truth.  How do you think stereotypes have lasted so long?  Those who aren't willing to push through the artificially-inseminated chaos and confusion to get to real change will step back over to the other side. They are simply counting on there being enough of them to regain power.  Thoughts?