Got into and out of a fairly useless conversation, where folks were criticizing the President from the sidelines.
People can sit and armchair quarterback President Obama forever, yet never have a clue to the complexity and difficulty of the job, further exacerbated by the color of his skin.  Where were all you folks and your opinions eight years prior? Because I don't recall seeing any of you expressing them.  This President has been in office under two years trying to redirect the nation to safe harbor amidst wars, racial hate mongering, a useless Congress and congressional structure, not to mention natural catastrophes and corporate ecological disasters, and yet you pick him apart like coyotes who happen upon a dead carcass.  

 "...My only concern is that there appears to be a willingness on the part of some to look away from the constraints that dog president Obama and blame him for not doing things that an understanding of our system of government would clearly point out that he is powerless to change or correct."  commented one blogger.You want things to improve, change in the way you can believe in?  Then finish the job you have before you, make sure that you have exhausted every effort in getting the President the Congress needed to become more effective.  
The problem is a Congress controlled by corporate special interests. That's why he can't "get the votes" for what we want. Our only option is to elect progressive candidates who will provide the votes we need to bring about the change we desire. We can't afford to sit at home in November. We got to vote to at least maintain the current status quo and then begin working in the streets and the Democratic party to elect our candidates. It ain't easy but in America its the only way to go. Most important, we must work on developing our local economies so that we don't have to depend on the government or the private sector for our survival, stated Al Washington, Exec. Director, Africa-USA Chamber of Commerce

When I commented to this group, not saying anything I haven't posted here, I always find it interesting to see how people use the word "attack" when an opinion or comment is proffered that does not match their thinking.  What I find most troubling about many of us who take to the Internet or the microphone is that we provide plenty of commentary, little action.   We have had public forums for years with enough hot air to move the sails on a ship to Africa.  I am pretty tired of all the talk without any real action.  If you are one person who prides him/herself on your track record for your individual use of your right to vote, then I would ask that you would take it one step further and load the car with your neighbors the next time you go to the polls, get other people to sign that letter that you send to a given representative.  If you are doing something, do more, because what you are doing now isn't working. While these train wrecks may be momentarily interesting, what exactly is the benefit they bring?  In fact, can you name ten things the Republican party has done for you in the last ten years? In the last five?  How about the last two?  How is their party of NO thing working for you?  Did you find a job, a better mortgage, a better life with their support?   In case you don't get it, just because a congressperson says he is a democrat does not mean s/he really is one nor that s/he has any interest in your interests.

As far as corporate media goes, You can continue to allow the Beck, Rush, Palin, Angle, Paul buffoonery,controversial bluster,instigation and insanity to be the tail wagging the dog or you can speak up and do something about it when it's time to vote. Tired of this noise? Do something about it or you will be hearing it for the next two years because they beLIEve it works. What more incentive do you need, after seeing that Fox News -- owned non-US citizens  (Murdoch was born in Austrailia, Saudi billionaire, Al-waleed bin Talal (Note this article: and operated by Roger Ailes, former media consultant to Republican presidents -- is openly financially supporting the political right, when media is supposed to be neutral, at least on paper, when articles clearly indicate there is a huge problem on the right? I am all for diversity in political ideology but these folks are right off the cliff.

Al Washington is absolutely correct. The key to real change lies in moving out Congress. We need more Al Frankens, fewer Michelle Bachmanns. IN FACT, we don't need any more startled-eyed,off-based media junkies at all.  I reiterate, you want things to improve, change in the way you can believe in?  Then finish the job you have before you, make sure that you have exhausted every effort in getting the President the Congress needed to become more effective.  Stop listening to the crabs in the barrel like Tavis and his crew. Don't get distracted by the new media strategy in which the Muslim citizens of the United States are the collateral damage.   WAKE UP AND DO SOMETHING to support President Obama for the next two years, then if nothing changes, have at it.   Oh, and by the way, the President has accomplished a few things...

We can’t afford to go backward to the failed policies of the past. We have to move forward. Commit to vote this November. President Barack Obama