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 "I just finished reading 'SHIPS.  Joyce put her heart and soul into this book. She is a gifted writer who has the ability to make her thoughts so clear to the reader. There is so much given in each chapter that I just wanted to stop and ponder for a time what she wrote; the book left me feeling I can't put it into words. Her book is about life, the good, the bad, the shameful--but the truth. I asked myself, what is the purpose of this book? The answer: To prompt people to think about the purpose of life. The chapter, 'Is Church Your religion,' summarizes it all for me; many belong to the church of what's happenin' now."

~ Carlton Green PhD, public speaker, minister, author of "What is The Purpose of A Banana?"

Author, Writer Timothy Stelly Sr.  Useless

Author Phillip Harris, Good Reads

Review for Ramblings Through the Attic of Thought:

"Crisp, cool, and cutting-edge; brave, bold, and bitter-sweet; E. Joyce Moore is a poetic powerhouse. "Ramblings Through The Attic of Thought" delivers lines of pure pleasure and pain, poignantly blending both into something so honest, so real, you are left with a feeling that you haven't read Moore's poems; you've lived them. The words of this talented writer linger long after the last page, drawing readers' thoughts beyond their boundaries." - Amy Krout-Horn, author "Transcendence"

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